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Mistake No. 1. It never occurs to anyone why the premises were up for auction.

Over my many years of practice, I have conducted dozens of valuations of residential and commercial real estate offered for auction. As a rule, such premises get there as a result of outstanding credit debt. But ask yourself: why the owner of the premises, who received a loan amount of not more than 50% of the assessed value of the object, could not sell it on his own in order to pay off the bank? This is the first question I ask myself when I go to the next inspection of the object

How and why was this space not sold “to the market earlier”? In my practice, there were more than once cases when, in front of my eyes, the owner behaved inadequately. When he was given time to sell the object on the market, he stubbornly set an inflated price, trying to compensate for financial losses. But most often the assessment should be done very conservatively.

Mistake No. 2. They make an assessment on ads on real estate portals.

I explain once again: if an object is still advertised on the portal, it means that it has not yet been bought at this price. Purchased objects are removed according to the rules of business turnover on the same day when a deposit or advance payment was made for it. That is, everything that we see in advertising has nothing to do with the price of real transactions.

Here is an example of an auction in which we participated with a client. An apartment was put up for auction without a price.

According to the rules, the auctions are held “closed”, each of the applicants can send their offer at a price once. The best wins. You cannot inspect the apartment before the former owners are evicted, so you will make an assessment without taking into account the finish and condition of the object.



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